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Make History

ADD A COUPLE HUNDRED NEW RIDING BUDDIES - For over forty years riders have ridden the SOBOBA Indian Reservation's private hills, trails and water-crossings during the famous SOBOBA Trail Ride. Many of those rides were competitive enduro events and than later they became epic trail rides led by off-road great Malcolm Smith. You can join in the legacy as this ride takes you back in time when you could ride your off-road motorcycle on trails that were not blocked by fences, housing tracks or pesky neighbors. 

Losing a Dear Friend


In July 2022, a great lady and Soboba Trail Rider lost her health challenge: Valerie Monroe


The passing of Valerie was reported by Roy Monroe:  

"I wanted to inform you of the passing of Valerie Monroe. Val was a long-time participant in the Soboba Trail ride and must have completed both loops at least 25 times. Valerie was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2019 and lost her fight against this disease on July 13, 2022. Soboba Trail Ride Day was Val's favorite day of the year and she always looked forward to receiving her invitation. She would get so excited in the days leading up to the event and the Saturday night before the ride she could barely sleep. She always enjoyed talking with Bob Graziano, his family and the crew. She loved the memories she made there, especially of the years she was invited to hang out and eat lunch with Malcolm Smith. Soboba was a big part of Val's life and brought her much joy over the years and, for that, I thank you! "   


From Bob & Darlene Graziano:  

"We're so sorry to hear of Valerie's passing as she was very important to all of us. She truly had a heart as big as the sky and would always do anything she could to help us with things. She was fun to have around and used to tease all of the guys that could not keep up with her. We remember the year that the guys were afraid of the big water ditch at the start of the ride. So, while everyone was deliberating on what to do Valerie broke rank came up from the back and full throttle jumped the ditch and took off on the first loop. And then of course everyone followed. We could not stop talking about it."



Valerie (L) & a fellow rider await the

start of the Soboba Trail Ride

About Us

The SOBOBA Trail Ride is a yearly event that dates back to the grass roots of modern dirt bikes. Many motorcycle greats have participated in Soboba’s challenge. It began in the early 70’s when Benny Helm, then Chief of the Tribe, started the first Soboba Grand Prix, and soon these rides were among the largest in the country. In the early 80’s Bob Graziano, cousin (through marriage) of Chief Helms and a resident of the reservation, teamed with Malcolm Smith (eight-time ISDT gold medalist) to gain tribal council approval to launch the SOBOBA TRAIL RIDE.

Grand Marshall Malcolm Smith & event promoter Bob Graziano - Now, with a history of over forty years of tribal council approval, AMA event sanction plus the promise of unpredictable Southern California weather, Grand Marshal Malcolm Smith sends his sons Alexander and Joel off on the trail at 8:00 AM on ride-day to lead off this very special event that takes place entirely on the Soboba Indian Reservation. 

This ride is challenging, but not impossible for riders of lower skill levels. It's an event and you need to be a part of it - Click on the menu above to go get an entry.

Bob & Darlene Graziano - For decades Bob has made sure the trails are ready for fun while Darlene has made sure entry (and just about everything else) went smooth. Their dedication is another part of the Soboba Trail Ride legacy.  

Discover why professional riders, industry greats, Hollywood stuntmen and riders of all levels congregate each year to get their one shot to ride where no one is allowed to ride the rest of the year.



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