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Event Organizer

The SOBOBA TRAIL RIDE is organized and promoted by Soboba Engineering. Soboba Engineering business address is 43601 Castile Canyon Road, San Jacinto, CA 92582, USA. The telephone is (951) 654-9436.


Entry Fee Order

The online entry fee for the Soboba Trail Ride per rider is $80 ($90 for mail in entry), there is no tax or other charges. To enter online, click the ENTRY button above that will launch a separate, secure order window. You can pay via a major credit card. You can order multiple entries, but contact Soboba Engineering (using the telephone number above) after the order so all of the rider’s names can be recorded in addition to the name of the person who placed the order. NOTE: To enter a classic motorcycle for Soboba Rides Vintage Motorcycle Classic, use the Mail-in Entry Form.


Rider’s Confirmation Letter

Your successful order will cause a Rider’ Confirmation Letter download link to be sent to you via your indicated email address (or via USPS if you mailed in an entry - sent within one business day of your entry). Your order grants entrance to the Soboba Indian Reservation for the event day and as outlined in the Rider’s Confirmation Letter. To gain entry to the Soboba Indian Reservation the rider must have a physical copy of the entry (order) form with their name and a copy of their rider’s Confirmation Letter. The rider may also be asked to produce government issued identification.


Rider Rules & Responsibilities

The rider is responsible for adhering to the rules and regulations of the SOBOBA Trail Ride. The rules are provided in detail within the rider’s Confirmation Letter. To participate the rider must be 18 years old or older. The rider must read and acknowledge the event disclaimers notes on the event website, or order form, or provided in the rider’s Confirmation Letter. The rider must check in the event officials prior to the ride. Failure to do so or to not adhere to any other rule or law could lead to the rider being excused from the event without any recourse.


Refund & Cancelation Policy

The Soboba Trail Ride is a “rain or shine” outdoor event that does not grant refunds for weather or other unforeseen situations. However, order (entry fee) cancellations and refunds for emergency reasons can be requested up to 30-days before the event. These cancellation or refund requests will be evaluated on a one-by-one basis. If granted, Soboba Engineering may assess up to a 20% processing fee. No refunds are available on the day of, or after, the event. 


Your faith in us is important. Our main site and on-line payment site for entry is secure using the latest protective tools in the industry. We won't share your personal or financial information with anyone without asking you for permission. If you dont want to get email alerts from us, let us know and we'll keep in touch by mail or telephone.  After all, we want you to have a good time on the ride.


Updated 01/12/2023

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